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japanese nutrient gives lustrous skin

Want the smooth, silky skin of a geisha?

New research reveals how an ancient Japanese nutrient gives you lustrous skin

Dear Friend,

In an airport coming back from a trip, I overheard a story about an elderly Japanese aunt. The speaker raved about her aunt’s baby-soft skin.

…and recalled an odd skincare ritual with a certain plant from her childhood home.

She mentioned a miraculous plant her aunt picked in her garden.

I hurriedly scribbled the name of the plant on a scrap of paper. Then my flight was called. I had to rush off.

I forgot about that scrap of paper and the miraculous plant. Until I found the crumpled paper in my purse.

I’m 52 years old. You can bet I’d love to have beautiful skin like that elderly aunt. So I went to the Internet and started researching. What I found will amaze you. You’ll see how your skin can be as flawless as her aunt’s. No matter your age.

Research Reveals Core Benefits

At the core of that exclusive skincare regimen was a plant called Shiso.

Shiso is a high concentration of several key nutrients. One of these, rosemarinic acid, is an outstanding antioxidant. It’s key in understanding how that aunt’s skin was still wrinkle-free at her age. But there’s more to this than meets the eye.

You see, rosemarinic acid is a key player in a process that can occur in your cells. Once triggered, it’s unstoppable. What’s jaw-dropping is how it can work to keep your skin flawless as you age. Continually…if you know how to trigger it.

Watching her aunt’s skincare ritual, the niece couldn’t see why her aunt went to all that trouble.

But then she grew up and realized her aunt’s best asset was her skin. And that Shiso ritual? She knew it was the reason why.

“…I’m not just imagining it,” she told her friend. “My aunt’s neighbours always swore she was the only woman in the village as beautiful as a geisha.”

I think it was no surprise her aunt’s beauty aid grew outdoors. I suspect what no one knew, though, was that Shiso gave her that radiant skin.

Curiosity…and Positive Feedback Loops

Many studies show more than support that Shiso contains healing properties. They also prove that it can repair damaged skin… and even protect it! But not in the way you might think.

This is where it gets exciting! Shiso can actually start a compounding effect in your cells. This means the positive effect on your cells compound (grow) over time, exponentially.

My curiosity hit the roof. I wondered if the impact of one or more properties of Shiso creates a Positive Feedback Loop in the cells. And if you give your skin this nutrient would your cells continue prospering after you apply it. 

An intriguing thought, right? So I set out to prove the Shiso that the aunt put on her skin triggered Positive Feedback Loops in her cells. Let me explain.