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Lee amazed me with her professional service in delivering the case study for me. The way she handled the discovery with me and the interview with my client impressed me. She was very detailed and patient in editing each draft – I got a quality job in the end.  Highly recommended. Thank you, Lee.

Jerry Wang

2Bear Studio

Lee was a real sanity and lifesaver with her conference coverage. She helped us meet tight deadlines while still providing high quality content.  Thanks again, Lee!

Samantha Peterson

Editor, NeurologyTimes.com, UBM Medica, LLC



Whether conducted online, in libraries, or in interviews I dig deep and ask relevant questions to get at the facts. For everything I write, research is KEY.

White papers

First I develop a needs assessment based on questions asked about the audience and the objectives of the white paper. Next comes research.

Case studies

Based on sound research, I use my love of story-telling to create compelling narratives about your recent happy customer’s product experience.

Web content

Designed to fulfill your prospects’ wants and needs and presented in bite-sized pieces to compel and engage readers.

Direct Response

Word choice and phrasing are carefully conducted to write persuasive but not “sales-ey” copy.


Very little escapes my eyes as a result of working more than 25years as an English language teacher.

Lee’s work is fabulous! She motivates, revises, and inspires. She’s an editor with a Midas touch, turns a piece of writing into gold. What Lee did for me there is not enough space to write. Thank you, Lee.

B. Jeanne Shibahara

I am fully confident in the outcome and have printed 10,000 flyers. It will be translated into 4 languages and sent to our representatives in London, Rome, Paris, Sydney, etc. I will absolutely hire Lee again.

Kim Oanh

Hello Vietnam Travel

  • Content Strategizing, Lee Nourse Copywriting, Viva's Webdesign

From the first reading of Lee’s proposal I was on board. Everything was very clear. Lee deeply understood our concept. I felt lucky that I had found Lee to develop our flyer content.

Kim Oanh

Hello Vietnam Travel

Our company needed specific copy for a high-profile, tight-time schedule job. In retrospect … we likely had not provided her with sufficient specifications for what we needed. Yet, Lee took it and drew together a significant piece of work. Thanks Lee!  

David Kryder

Co-owner, QR911

As a testament to how much I like Lee's work, I will add her name to my PhD thesis as an editor. It is without
hesitation that I recommend LeeNourseCopywriting to anyone seeking top notch editing services.
Shirin Shad, PhD.

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